Tony Wong

Having accumulated more than 40 years of pastry making experience, Tony keeps doing his best in pâtisserie creation. He believes that using the finest ingredients, paying attention on details with heart is the most important in pastry making. With his elegant and original creations, Tony is always featured in various newspapers and magazine to share his passion for dessert and pastry.


Chef Koo (Jeffery Koo)

Chef Koo is an award-winning chocolate sculptor with over 20 years of experience creating pastries in kitchens including prestigious Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. 2006, Chef Koo acquired advanced pastry chef skills in France under the patronage of three-Michelin-star top chef Pierre Gagnaire. Since 2007 Chef Koo participated and won multiple pastry competitions in the World Chocolate Master in China and different international Culinary Competitions in Perth, Singapore and Thailand, received the “Best Taste Award”, “The Best National Team” and “Gold award” title. In 2015, together with his award-winning team, he opened his very own ventures “Chocokoo Cooking Studio” and finally created his own brand “Patisserie Jeffery Koo” ,using the top European quality ingredients to bring his chocolate and dessert creations to the next level.


Manci Man (文慧詩)

‘’We bake; We Create”. Cake  is a must have item in special occasions or celebrations. A small cake makes any regular party more interesting and spreads happiness everywhere. Everyone spends a lot of time just to find the right or beautiful cake for their loved ones‘ special day as well as for their special day.’ 


Manci is the founder of M Patisserie. She was went to Moscow, London and Melbourne to learn the special cake decorating technique and bring it back to Hong Kong. Manci believed “With heart, we feel; with fingertips, we made.’’ M Patisserie is delivering a combination of art and cake.


Professor Tinly Wong

Being a Chinese Medicine Expert for over 30 years, Mr. Wong is now a Visiting Professor in Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. He is an expert in TCM Orthopaedic & Traumatic and, offers regular free treatments to certain physical disable children from grassroots families.


Professor Wong was born with broken health. Thus, he started to practice martial arts with his father, Mr. Wong To Yick, who is also a well-known Chinese Medicine Expert. In recent years, he has been fascinated in Taiji Archery and put a lot effort on studying musculoskeletal system. He knows how health would benefit from exercises very well. 


To be the sponsor of this event, Professor Wong wants to encourage HK people to participate in meaningful, happy and healthy activities, and cheering those who are suffering physical problems.

Credit One World Charity 
Foundation Founder & CEO

Lam Kwok Wah

Elite Runner 

Chan Ka Ho

Long-distance Runner


Hong Kong Network for the Promotion of Inclusive Society CE & Fearless Dragon Running Team Founder 

Mok Kim-Wing

Marathon Athlete

Christy Yu

PRO-Training Coach


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