Charity Sales

Charity Artisan Handmade Chocolate Bon Bon Box (Hazelnut Favour)
Pâtissiers Jeffery Koo

Handcrafted chocolate selection freshly made by Chef Koo, amber colored molding flavored with house-made hazelnut praliné with single origin dark couverture 72%.

Selling Price:HK$ 298/ box 
Donation:HK$ 100*

*HK$100 will be donated to 2 beneficiaries

Tony Wong Pâtissiers
Pâtissiers Tony Wong

Preserved Flowers inside the crystal ball are made of natural flower which uses a preservation technique ensures that the flower retains its original look, its freshness and beauty for 1 to 2 years without requiring any watering. Soft & fluffy Strawberry Romanoff Chiffon Cake with marinated Strawberry, Vanilla Cremeux, Chantilly Cream and Sweet Almond Crust which makes sweet and sour to be perfectly balanced !

Selling Price:HK$ 508/ pc
*HK$88 will be donated to 2 beneficiaries

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