Herbalgy Pharmaceutical Ltd.

Herbalgy is named after a well-known traditional topical medicated oil "Herbalgy Medicated Balm".  Officially found in 1999, Herbalgy took Hong Kong as a starting point and carved out its market channels in Southeast Asia and the United States. In the past 20 years, Herbalgy has established its own reputation onhigh quality products  which benefit to every single user for enjoying a convenient and "painless life".

In addition to “Herbalgy Medicated Balm”, Herbalgy was also being developed as a famous brand series.  Under this series, there are Herbalgy EASY Analgesic Plasters, Herbalgy Touch-Cool Pain Relieving Liniment and 3 kinds of magmatic massage tools. Today, besides of Hong Kong, Herbalgy has its sales network in Macau, Singapore, Vietnam and the United States.

If you wish you learn more about Herbalgy Pharmaceutical Ltd., please visit: http:// www.herbalgy.com. 

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