Flower lollipop

  • Workshop teacher will teach you how to use locally produced and edible flowers, e.g. rose, butterpea flower, basil flower (availability per season) to make a flower lollipop

  • Time: 8am-12nn, 1pm-7pm (start at every hour, 45 minutes per session)

  • Target: flower lovers (welcome people aged 5 or above)

Cake Topper Workshop

  • A chic cake decoration not only makes the cake more personalized, but also turns the cake to be a magic during photo shooting. Through the different shapes and sizes and different materials, you can design and create unique cake topper decorations by bringing a bag of ingredients to home.

Natural Plant Dyeing

  • The sun is the most primitive energy provider of the earth and the cleanest and direct energy. If we know how to use solar energy effectively, it will definitely improve the earth's pollution. The workshop teacher will teach you how to use the sun's heat and different plants to dye the clothing with natural colors.

  • Time: 8am-1pm​ (start at every hour, 45 minutes per session) 

  • Target: nature lovers (welcome people aged 5 or above)

Glass cover with everlasting flower

  • Let the beauty last forever: Life Flower School teacher will share how to decorate a glass cover with everlasting flower  

  • Time: 8pm-1pm

  • Target: beauty lovers 

  • Registration: onsite, priority will be given to runners with bib.


Health Corner

Relax Corner

  • Welcome runners to do massage and stretching after the run. Be relaxing, be sweet.

  • Time: 8am-1pm 

Simply Health

  • Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners will be here to give you a free consultation for health improvement.

  • Time: 9am-1pm 


Experiential Corner

Bubble experience

  • Welcome you, kids or adults, to have fun with big bubbles 

  • Time: 9am-1pm

  • Target: players like you (welcome everyone, kids under age of 5 requires adult to accompany)


  • Visually impaired people use their heart to feel and make balloons for you. Their contributions to the society are appreciated.     

  • Time: 8am-1pm 

Photo Corner

  • Huge and small desserts props for photo taking, and for getting more likes too !    

  • Time: 8:30am-1:35pm

  • ​Venue: Along the running route (*For runners only)

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