Sports Corner

  • Love to run after the race? Sports retailers, Buff, CITY.WITH.OUT.DOOR, Gone Running have prepared a series of running gear and accessories, from head to toe. You’ll love running more after buying them! You will receive a free gift after registering as members onsite! Come and join us while stock lasts!   

  • Time: 8am-1pm


A group of mothers who are full of traditional wisdom, with trendy sense and environmental awareness, will bring their own masterpieces to mamasart, including fabrics, accessories, paper, handmade products, etc.

Only K

Only K handicrafts are 100% handmade and unique. “Wild•Ball”, hand painted glass ball, is their design

The Only for The Only

onlyK logo.png

Jetso Corner

Register / join as member onsite and you will receive a limited special offer. Don’t miss it ! 


Themed travel packages @KNT 

Running info @Runner’s World 

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