Desserts on the route

PJK Chocolate Cream Puff

Delicious chocolate cream puffs, filled with chocolate pastry cream and topped with chocolate crispy, a perfect treat for chocolate lovers.

Lamington Sponge

Lamington is an Australian cake. It is sponge cake dipping in chocolate and sprinkled with desiccated coconut. The Butter cream is added on the top making the Lamington moist and rich.

Handmade Blueberry Chocolate Bon Bon

The main delicacy of PJK handcrafted diamond chocolate collection designed and freshly made by Chef Koo, purple and gold colored molding with 72% dark chocolate, filling with the flavor of luscious blueberry.

Yogurt Cup Cake

Fluffy and soft cupcake with yogurt flavor and decorate with yogurt butter cream pipping.

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