Drop Bag

  1. Each participant can leave one bag (*baggage tag will be included in Runner’s Pack)

  2. Drop bag time: 30 mins before start time of each group. We will stop to accept drop bag in 2 mins before each start. After the run, participants have to collect their bags, leave the Running Zone and go to the Carnival Area

  3. Please ensure that the bags are tagged with the correct baggage tags provided. In order to protect our environment, Organiser will not provide a plastic bag. 

  4. Please be reminded that there is a baggage size limitation. The maximum volume is no more than 40 inch (Length+Width+Depth). The organizer reserves the right to charge HK$100 for extra service fee if the bag is oversized.

  5. Also, please be noted that we only accept 1 piece of baggage of each participant, if more than 1 piece, the organizer also reserves the right to charge HK$100/pc of the extra baggage

  6. Participants must collect their drop bags either by showing the runner bibs, either by the participants or any representative .  Any bags not collected at this time may be disposed of.

  7. Please do not leave any valuables in your Drop Bag. The Organizers are not responsible for any loss or damage to any item in your Drop Bag.

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